Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words of Advice

I just have a bit of advice for those of you thinking about graduate school. START LOOKING NOW!!! I have 1yr+ until I begin somewhere and I already feel incredibly behind though I've been looking for the past month or so. Also, study HARD for the GRE and get it out of the way or so you'll have enough time to retake it. In my search for advisors so far, I've talked with BYUI's faculty quite a bit as well as approached professionals at the GSA meeting (There's a meeting in Portland this fall. Attend it!). It's pretty important to have an idea of what you like. I've made a database with about 25 people I'd like to work with as well as their contact information and current projects.
Anyway, it's just really important to think about this before you have to quickly make a choice on your school. Ask any of the faculty: you don't want to get stuck with some ornery old geologist who keeps his students at school for 3 years.
I have discovered networking is HUGE and for all you returned missionaries speaking other languages, that is great! I'm now trying to learn paquito espaƱol so I'll be more useful in South American projects.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Current Field Trips

Mark Lovell is taking his Hydrology (Geol 435) on a field trip to Thousand Springs and the Water Treatment Plant in Idaho Falls today.

Dr. Forest Gahn took his Historical Geology (Geol 112) down to Millard Co. Utah today along with Dr. Ben Jordan. The class is going to visit a playa lake, go to Fossil Mountain, and Notch Peak to see a Jurassic Intrusion.

Next Thursday, March 26th, Dr. Bill Little is taking his Intro to Geology (Geol 111) to the Grand Canyon via the Little Cottonwood Canyon, the Book Cliffs, Arches, Monument Valley, and Goosenecks of the San Juan.

Pictures courtesy of Rebekah Wood

Monday, February 16, 2009


Welcome to the Geology Society blog. Here you will be able to find announcements, graduate information, field trip pictures, and anything else pertaining to the BYU-Idaho Geology Society.